Congratulations! You’ve listened to my Level Up with Pearl podcast and decided you’d like to take your relationship with yourself a step further.

Getting started with me is pretty easy. Simply choose your preferred work style and click on the Enroll Now button.

Like I said, pretty easy.

Forms and Signatures

There will be a Questionnaire and a couple of forms to fill out if you choose anything other than a Self-Paced program but they aren’t anything wild.

It’s basically you giving me permission to facilitate your program of choice and agreeing to honor both yourself and me. This includes showing up on time for any appointments, turning in any progress reports when they are due, being respectful, and making payments on time.

A Quick Warning

If you haven’t listed to any of my podcast episodes yet, please take the time to do so now. It won’t cost you a thing and could help you know for sure, for sure if you want to spend any more time and invest money to work with me.

Trust and believe we’ll both be miserable if you do not like my personality, my methods/style, or the resources I offer!

Self-Paced ProgramsGroup ProgramIndividual ProgramReiki for PeopleReiki for Pets

The Secret Society

What happens during your private self-improvement time, stays in your private self-improvement time. You can choose an area you’d like to work on or sign up to work through them all – at your own pace. Log in on your schedule, breathe, take your time to really dig in to the material, and take those steps forward.

This is the most affordable tier and ideal for you if you are an introvert or would simply prefer to keep your shadow work or self-care efforts as private as possible. You still get access to support from me but this is all you, doing something for yourself in the privacy of your safe space.

7 Day Challenges (Personal)
7 Days to Transform Your Leadership Skills
7 Days to Make Over Your Morning
7 Days of Self-Care
7 Days to Stop Holding Back and Get Over Guilt
7 Days of SMART Goal Setting
30 Day Challenges (Business)
30 Day Blogging Challenge
30 Day Email Marketing Challenge
30 Day Happiness Challenge
30 Day Split-Testing Challenge
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The Empowerment Club

The first rule of Empowerment Club is you talk about Empowerment Club. The second rule is you keep working on yourself and help others along the way if you can. That’s it.

This is the mid-price tier and perfect for you if you would like to feel a bit less alone. You will be expected to participate in group sessions and may end up sharing some personal information about your journey.

Seats open up in July 2023.

The Master

This is the most expensive and most intensive tier. Not only will you have my full attention for our sessions but I will be holding you accountable for your efforts towards the goals you set for yourself. That means I will be following up with you via your preferred contact methods and providing a bit of brutal honesty when/where necessary.

Reiki sessions are currently closed but openings will be announced in my weekly Sunday Brunch newsletter.
Reiki sessions are currently closed but openings will be announced in my weekly Sunday Brunch newsletter.

Glitch Happens

If you run into any issues or encounter any errors, please let me know right away. It’s an inconvenience to you, embarrassing to me, and really doesn’t do a thing to help anyone. Which, as you can imagine, goes against the reason Level Up with Pearl exists.

Choose Your Destiny

You were given the gift of free will at birth and each experience - bad or good - is a seed that can be used to grow a movement. What do you stand for? What difference would you want to make in this world?

Harness your free will and choose how you truly want to live and what you want your legacy to be.

Don't make me go over there and empower you,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Fall In Love WIth Yourself | Level Up with Pearl