Hi! My name is Pearl and I am a certified life coach and Reiki Master on a mission to help you heal yourself from the inside out. I offer private coaching as well as Reiki healing sessions for people and for pets.

Who Is Penny?

Penny is an old nickname that I was given one night when some friends and I were discussing comments we got based on our names. I mentioned I was sick and tired of the usual:

  • Pearl Jam
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Pearly Squirrelly
  • Do you want a Pearl necklace? 😉 (I didn’t understand at the time but no, I didn’t.)
  • Is your sister named Diamond? (I don’t have a sister.)
  • Would your mom have named you Ruby or [insert gemstone name here] if she hadn’t named you Pearl?

One of the guys was older and fond of The Beatles. He insisted that from that time forward, I was Penny. Penny Lane. And you know what? I felt a rush of relief. A sense of oh yeah, I can call myself this and be okay with it.

Yes, I – the one trying to help empower others – was so uncomfortable with my name that I struggled to bring myself to use it. Both my first and my last names, actually. There were reasons for each name but that’s how I ended up using Penny in my original Penny’s Empowerment Club, Penny Full O’Thoughts blog, and Penny’s Business Services virtual assisting.

In the last couple of years, I’ve become more comfortable with myself, who I am, my heritage, and even my names. I’ve embraced being a Lane by birth, a Lane-Soliz by marriage (now divorced but I kept my name to match my daughter’s), and a Pearl too.

Pearls start out as something unwanted and trapped in a mollusk’s painful darkness but end up something beautiful, valuable, and precious. Which version do I want to be? Which version do YOU want to be?

Let’s sashay down the runway we call life, flipping our hair, having amazing experiences, and making fabulous memories with those we love!

Free Resources

The Level Up with Pearl podcast was created to provide all my introverts, skeptics, and DIYers with free self-care and shadow work tools. Links to all the resources mentioned in a podcast episode are listed within the podcast post entry for that week and in my weekly Sunday Brunch newsletter.

If you aren’t subscribed yet, all you have to do is scroll down and pop your contact information into the little subscription box at the bottom of this page.

Empowerment Programs

Getting started with me is pretty easy. You’ve got three choices:

  1. Self-Paced
    This is the most affordable tier and ideal for you if you are an introvert or would simply prefer to keep your shadow work or self-care efforts as private as possible. You still get access to support from me but this is all you, doing something for yourself in the privacy of your safe space.
  2. Group
    This is the mid-price tier and perfect for you if you would like to feel a bit less alone. You will be expected to participate in group sessions and may end up sharing some personal information about your journey.
  3. Individual (One-to-One)
    This is the most expensive and most intensive tier. Not only will you have my full attention for our sessions but I will be holding you accountable for your efforts towards the goals you set for yourself. That means I will be following up with you via your preferred contact methods and providing a bit of brutal honesty when/where necessary.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are currently closed but openings will be announced in my weekly Sunday Brunch newsletter.

Choose Your Destiny

You were given the gift of free will at birth and each experience - bad or good - is a seed that can be used to grow a movement. What do you stand for? What difference would you want to make in this world?

Harness your free will and choose how you truly want to live and what you want your legacy to be.

Don't make me go over there and empower you,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Fall In Love WIth Yourself | Level Up with Pearl